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Anonymous asked:

do you personally think someone who started dance in their mid-teens could eventually reach their dream of getting into riverdance (possibly as the lead)?


I think yes you could definitely get into Riverdance even if you were a late starter. We have people in the show now that didn’t start until as late as 16. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!


HELLO EVERYBODY. So, I happened upon an article about a woman who has been doing illustrations to fight gender prejudices and I was inspired to start a similar campaign for Irish dance. Like it or not, our fabulous little community is rooted in kind of a judgement based culture when it comes to looks. Like think of every time you’ve seen a dancer on stage and gone, “her look would be great except… (insert ‘flaw’ with look here),” or you’ve seen a dancer on tumblr or facebook and gossiped to your friends about how horrendous so-and-so’s new wig was. IT’S TIME FOR THAT TO END. So, I’ve decided to start posting these illustrations (inspired by the illustrations pictured here: to fight the judgement and start focusing on the individuality and fabulousness of each dancer no matter how they like to doll themselves up on stage! 

Operation ID4ID (Identity for Irish dancers) is a go. SPREAD THE LOVE AND RESPECT THE LOOKS. 

ktvh, out 





there was a girl onstage doing planxty davis and I went and watched an awards ceremony and a treble reel and I came back and she was still doing planxty davis

I was once watching a girl dance Davis I then went to college, graduated, landed a successful job, married, had children, grew old, died, and came back as a ghost and she was just finishing the right foot.

You win








Hey guys…apparently we’re doing it all wrong.

if only solo dresses cost that much

Just bought! On its way! So excited for my new costume 😁😁😁😁

why is this just literally a french maid costume but green instead? like still pls someone wear this to a fees

Comin at ya MHG Halloween feis 2014 be ready


FRICK autocorrect I meant feis omg not fees STOP HATING ON ME MAC OK
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